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054631:universal testing machine accessories

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Universal testing machine accessories
Scope of use:
1. Maximum test force :100kN
2. Plate: Flat jaw 0-7mm
3. Suitable for 100kN testing force electronic universal testing machine
Function description:
This fixture is suitable for tensile test of metal and non-metal plates,  bars and other samples
Operation instructions:
 1. Install the clamp on the upper and lower joints of the testing machine, insert the bolts and tighten the nuts. 

 2. The handle of the upper clamping device should be  moved first, which means that the clamping port should be opened  properly, larger than the thickness of the sample installed. 

 3. Place one section of the sample between the pliers of  the upper clamping device and place the sample in the center of the  clamping device. Loosen the upper handle and clamp the upper end of the  sample.

 4. Return the force value to zero.

 5. Lift the handle of the lower clamping device, adjust  the height of the moving beam, insert the sample into the clamping port  of the lower clamping device, and then release the lifting handle, which  is the clamping sample of the clamping device.
Item Included(054631)

The batteries jig(one  set includes two pieces)*1

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