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153033:110v Deluxe Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripper Machine
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 Automatic Wire Stripper

This machine is easily to use, portable,energy saving and good looks,just like the normal stripper machine usage.

Adjust distance between blades and shaft in accordance with the cable size(the insulating layer stripped but not hurt the inner conductor)

Feeding: strip the cables through feeding hole( you can adjust the feeding hole according cable size to the proper position which cables can enter into but not swing)

Stripping: (hand operated) rotate hand crank in order to peeling, if can’t peel:
1、too small wire diameter
2、the blades center not in line with groove center( adjust the blades core)
3、blades edge is too dull( sharpen the blades)

Notice: don’t input your hands into the machine in any circumstance.

1 Plastic regulating nut
2 Blades regulating nut
3 Motor
4 Feeding panel
5 Feeding panel
6 Feeding hole
7 Reducer casing
8 Shaft
9 Blades
10 Switch

Wire range Φ1.5mm~ 25mm(Φ0.059"~ 0.98")
Power 0.18kw
Voltage 110v
Weight 13kg(28.67lbs)
Size 240*320*320MM(9.45"*12.6"*12.6)
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