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160452:110V 1.9Cu ft Vacuum Drying Oven

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1.9 Cu Ft Digital Vacuum Drying Oven


This device is used for drying and heating processes under vacuum conditions at laboratories in enterprises, schools and scientific institutions. Heating and drying under vacuum condition shows the following advantages:
a. Drying temperature can be lowered. (Low pressure and low temperature).
b. Oxidation of some articles after heating can be avoided with no damages done by dust.
c. Slaughter of biological cells caused by heated air can be avoided.


110V ?60Hz


1400 watts

Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation


Vacuum degree


Dwelling timer range

1-9999 minutes

Chamber dimensions

16x14x14" /40.6*35.6*35.6cm(WxDxH)

Shipping dimensions 32*26*28"/81.3*66*71.1cm(WxDxH)

The quantity of the shelves


Unit weight



Pipe is included in the package. Pump not included. If you need the vacuum pump, please contact us.

  • The oven is are composed of 4 parts, namely, the oven housing, chamber (working chamber), vacuuming system and temp-controlling system.
  • The temperature controller has a PID to adjust its output features. Its output power is adjustable and the temperature measuring errors can be corrected with timing function available. Besides,there are light alarm and automatic cut-off when the preset safe temperature is exceeded.
  • The housing is made of high-quality thin sheets with a plastic-jet surface, presenting a colorful appearance. The chamber is made of galvanized steel board or stainless steel boards.
  • Easy-to-clean heavy duty 304 stainless steel interior for exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Force adjustable door handle and one-piece door sealing gasket maintain consistent vacuum level.
  • Dual layer observation window with tempered safety glass.

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160452 1.9 Cu Ft Vacuum Drying Oven 1  



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