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has a wide range of equipment for printing and related industries as
well as accessories. Currently, main

industries include Screen
Printing,Heat Press,Sublimation Transfer,Cutting Plotter,Hot Stamping,Pad Printing, CISS, Laser Engraving,Office Supply,
please use the Navigation Menu on the above to locate different industries and about
every week, we will list a new product.If you can not find your wanted
items in our website, please contact us ,we can find supplies for you
very quickly, because we have a large amount of powerful suppliers
around the world as backup.

All of the screen printing equipments are designed by ourself,
some of features and functions are unique in this screen printing
bussiness, which got the patent authorization; and we provide all the
consumables you may need in screen printing, offer low cost screen
printing kits for startups.

Whether you're using a screen printing kit to
start a printing business or wanting good deals on presses, equipments
and supplies, you'll find everything you'll need at EEZGLOBAL .

All our heat press equipments
are sturdy, reliable and durable. And our heat presses have intelligent
heating function which designed by ourselves. You will get precise
temperatures,heating element, and more even pressure from our heat
presses than from other heat press machine in the market.

Anymore we can supply
any materials you need in heat pressing and offer low cost heat pressing
kits for startups.


EEZGLOBAL cutting plotter is designed for office
and home use to fit virtually every budget and application.EEZGLOBAL offers
numerous units Cutting Plotter every year and sold world wide, every
customer thinks it is affordable and in quality.

Our diverse line of roll-feed
and flatbed cutting plotters can accommodate any size project, large or

Before you buy a plotter from
elsewhere ask about their support and if they have a working premises
where you can see the plotters in action. Most sellers are simply
middlemen who don't have a clue how to support the plotters they sell!

EEZGLOBAL is committed to giving the utmost in quality hot foil
stamping equipment and supplies, service and technical solutions for
your every need. We offer a broad range of premium quality hot stamping
equipment,foils, a complete line of hot stamping dies,and other
necessary supplies. Also available is a variety of custom services,
expert technical support and first class customer service.

Our pad printing confirms itself as a point of reference
throughout the pad printing machine market sector,beacause technological
innovation makes our equipment in the forefront for quality, precision
and operating flexibility.You won't have to hunt for inks or pads or
clichés or other consumables either, everything you're likely to need is
just here.Also the techniques of making printing plate are availible for

Continuous Ink Supply Systems(CISS) is an
external bulk ink system supplying ink directly to your inkjet printer,
which offer tremendous savings as a CISS is 5 times less expensive than
using cartridges. CISS is economy especially for bulk ink users. CISS
operates simply and convenient. And all our Continuous Ink Systems are
of the high quality, with high quality chips on the market.


We have perfact machines to provide effective solutions that
are tailored your individual needs,which adopt first class
CO2 laser Systerm,ideal for laser
engraving or laser cutting a wide range of nonmetal materials.
laser machines are designed for industry application, driven by
high-grade stepper motor, precision guide way drive and High-precision
in positioning make the running more stable, Large area precision
cutting mechanical movement system can guarantees smoothness and
flatness of cut cross section.

As part of our
commitment to offer complete laser solutions, EEZGLOBAL also provides
customers with access to a wide range of laser tools, materials, and

All our office equipments and products are reliable, and offer
you a wide range of office using that deliver flexibility and advanced
features to suit personal use .We also can supply you any materials you
need and and offer many low cost kits for you. Choosing EEZGLOBAL office
equipments is right for you business. You will be amazing at EEZGLOBAL .

For more information about
our products, please select a product category from the navigation menu.
You can
send an email to

sales@EEZGLOBAL .com


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