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002335:PU Vinyl Silver Reflective vinyl CDU-35 20inch x 1yard

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20"x1yd Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

PU vinyl transfer is now the most popular heat press material. Process the image on your computer, cut the picture contour with cutter plotter, then peel off the part you don’t need. At last, press the image on T-shirt or other fabric products.

The width is 20"(0.5m).   


  • This PU vinyl can be  shiny when lights glare down on it ...

  • Advanced PU material, many varieties, different colors. The color is bright and pure.

  • Colorfast, soft handle just like silk.

  • Recoverable feature. The base paper has a high temperature resistant adhesive layer. If you make a mistake and peel the image part off, just stick it back to the base paper. Everything will be as it was. This is useful when you cut small patterns and letters.

  • Apply to all kinds of textile material (include the low temperature press materials such as purified cotton and non-woven fabrics). No color restriction of printing stock, strong masking power. Wide ranges of use, especially suitable for the heat press of athlete team clothing, LOGO, single color image, garment accessories.

  • A very prominent advantage of PU vinyl transfer is that it can be finely engraved and one-step shape-forming. You can press concolorous images of your idol or even your own pictures on clothing, which is impracticable for other materials.

  • Resistant transfer, able to endure washing, can be washed by all kinds of ways.

  • Suitable for computer drawing past master to design very personalized products.


Cutting the design on PU vinyl By Cutter Plotter

Cutting the design on PU vinyl By graver


Peel off the unwanted color layer part when finish cutting.


The design on base paper should be complete without any deletion. If you peel the wanted parts ,you can press it back then continue.


Press by heat press, Set the temperature at 150℃-175℃(310F-350F) and the time at 10s -15s. The temperature & time is not absolute, You should adjust on actual status.


Press by home Iron. Set the temperature at 150℃-175℃(310F-350F).


Cool peel the base paper.


A wanted design will be on your unique T-shirt completely



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