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006954:3-1 Color Printing Kit A
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2 Color 1 Station Screen Printin 新建网页 2

3 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Kit

Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can be used as substrate. Our company provide this 3 color 1 station screen printing package with some stuff needed by a small screen printing workshop. It will be so convenient for you to print and dry which will save you so much money and improve your efficiency at the same time! This is really a good news for screen printing industry!

3 Color 1 Station Screen Press with Flash Dryer

Comparing with previous 3 color 1 station printer, this new type machine has a function of micro-adjust. If you want to do color matching, you can use those small red handles to move the screen frame right or left slightly. It will be a good choice for colorful printing.


Features & Advantages

Easy operation but with high efficiency as the screen printing platen layer can rotate independently & the drying box has been installed.

The dryer is equipped with intelligent control system, which is energy & cost saving but with higher efficiency. When the drying box is moved above the printing pallet, it will dry automatically; while moved away from the pallet, it will stop working automatically.

Table type and combinatorial design saves place and convenient for transportation.

The pallet is high temperature & corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and no deformation as its edges are fixed by aluminum alloy materials. Besides, its surface is a little rough for applying the pallet adhesive for positioning.

Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screens, which guarantees proper spring intensity to avoid squeegees expelling and inks splashing in higher intensity and screen unfixing because of higher weight of screen frames and squeegees in loose intensity.

All-metal construction, advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy to clear and no rust.
Equipped with full set of installing tools, manual instruction and videos..

Excellent packaging: All our equipments are perfectly packaged by high-strength five-layer corrugated carton, inside with standard soft and hard foam and three-ply board, all metal parts are separately packaged, which guarantees product safety during transportation.

* Height of the flash dryer could be adjusted.

Height adjustable range for the screen frame clamp: 0.8" / 2cm.
Height adjustable range of the dryer head: 5.5"/14cm.
Platen size: 21.7*17.7" (55*45cm)
Drying Area: 15.7*15.7" (40*40cm)

Machine size:130*91*37cm(50*35*14inch)
Net weight:35.7kg /79lb

This machines is packed in 2 cartons:
1# 34x20x10inch (86*50*25cm) 33KG(73lb)
2# 30x20x9 inch (77*50*24cm) 12KG(26lb)
Gross weight:45kg (99lb)


2 pcs 16"x20" Screen with 120M 1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape 2 pcs 13"/33cm Squeegees
6 pcs 1# Spatulas

1 bottle White Paste
1 bottle Transparent Baste

5 bottles Pigments:
scarlet, yellow, blue, green, black
Items Included:

1)1set 4-1 Screen Press (006522)
16x20 inch (40x50cm) Frame - 120M (007266)
13 inch (33cm) Squeegee (007307)
1#Stainless Steel Spatulas (007025)
1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape (008433)
6)1 bottle of Scarlet Pigment (008050)
7)1 bottle of Medium Yellow
Pigment (008051)
bottle of Blue Pigment (008052)
bottle of Green Pigment (008053)
bottle of Black Pigment (008054)
1 bottle of White Paste (008243)
12)1 bottle of Transparent Base (008253)

13) 1 set of 1600W General Flash Dryer for All Screen Printing Press (006298)


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