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010893:Hot Foil Stamp Machine Press Kit 2
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Hot Foil Stamping Press Home Business Start Package

Foil stamping is a special kind of  printing  procedure where heat, pressure, and  a metallic  paper (foil) is used to create different shiny  designs and graphics  on various materials. Foil  stamping gives the stamped design a shiny   and incredible look and is increasingly becoming  the preferred method  of printing in many an  industry.

Hot foil  stamping utilizes  heat, pressure and  time to transfer color from a foil to an object.  A  photo-etched  die is used to bond  the adhesive coat of the hot stamping foil to   the surface of the object that is to  be decorated. What sets hot foil stamping  apart  from any other method of printing is it's  ability to apply a shiny design  on paper,  vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather,  and other  materials, a  brilliance that cannot  be duplicated with ink, so foil stamping is  employed in  a diverse range of consumer and  industrial applications.

We are supplying a kit   including pressing  technique, equipment  and materials  for the  users who haven’t  made contact with this    business. There is no  need  to buy  any other materials    and equipments, users  can make photopolymer  plate and do  hot foil  printing by themselves.


 Hot  Foil  Stamping Machine (010000)

  • Adjustable head height, speed and temperature.
  • Automatic foil feed function which results in savings in foil.
  • Corrosion-proof finish coat, never rust.
  • Reasonable design. Light in weight.
  • Smooth action. Quiet operation.
  • Competitive price point.


  • Input voltage:110v

  • Temperature: off-572℉(off-300℃)

  • Print area: 4.5"x7"(11.5x18cm)

  • Power of electric platen: 300W

  • Machine size: 14.4"x10.3"x23.6"(37x26x60cm)

  • Package dimensions: 15.7"x12.6"x15.7"(40x32x40cm)

  • Net  weight: 46.3Lb(21kg)

Metal  Plate Cutter (010004)

The   base of hot stamping  photopolymer plate is  aluminum alloy metal,  any ordinary wallpaper  cutter or scissors will destroy or bend it.

You can cut macromolecular photopolymer plate  neatly to the  accurate   size needed with this   cutter. 

  • Cutting thickness: Max  1/8"(0.32cm)
  • Cutting  length: 9.8"(25cm)
  • Machine  size:  22"x5.5"x11"(56x14x28cm)
  • Package dimensions: 17.3"x12.2"x6.7"(44x31x17cm)
  • Net  weight:   26.2Lb(11.9kg)
  • Shipping    weight: 26.5Lb(12kg)

UV    Exposure Unit (010034)

ASC 10.2"X8.3"  exposure unit is an equipment used for 

small area exposure, especially suitable for exposure 

of small size plates





Exposing area: 10.2"x8.3"(260x210mm)
Voltage: 110V
Time Range: 0-330 seconds
Light power: 48W(six 8W UV fluorescent bulbs )
Machine size: 12.6"x12.5"x4.3"(320x317x108mm)
Package dimensions: 14.6"x14.6"x5.5"(370x370x140mm)
Net weight: 8.4Lb(3.8kg)
Shipping weight: 10.6Lb(4.8kg)

Water  Soluble Photopolymer Plate (010006)

This photopolymer plate has two  layers, the upper layer is  photopolymer plate about  0.03 inch thickness, part of it will solidify  after UV exposure, while the rest part  without exposure can dissolve in  the water. The lower layer is aluminum plate, about 0.008  inch  thickness.

  • High quality  water soluble photopolymer resinic  plate made in Japan
  • High thermal  conductivity and  pollution free
  • Heat resistant up to 302-320F  (150-160℃)
  • Simple plate  making process in  short time
  • Relief: 0.026" (0.68mm)
  • Base: 0.008"  (0.2mm)
  • Size: 8" 1/4  X 11" 3/4 (210mm X  297mm)
  • Net weight: 0.51Lb(0.23kg)


Color Foil

Foil paper  is widely used in specialty printing. It can be used not  only hot foil stamping, but also heat press.

  • Reflective  metal foil appearance&soft handle
  • Add brilliance but opaque enough for all light&dark  surface
  • Size:3.15"  X 131 Yds (8cm x 1200cm)/roll


Hot Foil Stamping

Heat Press





2-5 sec


Please do  sample testing  before using  in  production.

A4    Transparency Film (007003)

  • Size: 8" 1/4  X 11" 3/4(210mm X  300mm) A4
  • Printers: All  Desktop  Inkjet/Laser Printers
  • Color: Clear  (Transparent)
  • Thickness: 3.0 MIL


High-Temperature Resistant Double  Adhesive Tape (010026)

Heat Resistant Tape is used to hold down transfers or pasting  the plate onto heating platen when heat transfer mugs, ceramic tiles  and so on or hot foil stamping.

  • Heat  resistant up to 200℉
  • Size:0.585"x32.8'(1.5cmx10m)
  • Weight:0.22Lb(0.1kg)

Items included:

01) 1 set of Hot Foil Stamping Machine (010000)
1   set of Metal Plate Cutter   (010004
03) 1 set of Exposure Unit      (010034) 

04) 2 pcs of A4 Water Soluble Photopolymer Plate    (010006) 
05) 10 sheets of A4 Inkjet Transparency Film(007003) 
06) 1 roll of High-temperature Resistant Double Adhesive Tape(010026)
1  roll of golden PVC foil paper -  Size: 3.15"*131yds/roll  (010009)
08) 1  roll of silver PVC foil paper   - Size: 3.15"*131yds/roll   (010010)
09) 1  roll of blue PVC foil paper   -  Size: 3.15"*131yds/roll    (010012)
 1  roll of green PVC foil paper - Size: 3.15"*131yds/roll   (010014)
) 1  roll of black PVC foil paper - Size: 3.15"*131yds/roll    (010015)

Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010000 Hot Foil  Stamping Machine 1 set Default Voltage  is 110 v
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010004 Metal Plate  Cutter 1 set  
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010034 Exposure Unit 1 set Default Voltage  is 110 v
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010006 A4  Water Soluble Photopolymer Plate 2 sheet  
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
007003 A4  Inkjet Transparency   Film 10 sheet  
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010026 Heat Resistant  Adhesive Tape 1 roll  
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010009 PVC Gold foil  paper 1 roll 3.15"X131yds   /roll
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010010 PVC silver foil  paper 1 roll 3.15"X131yds   /roll
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010014 PVC Green foil  paper 1 roll 3.15"X131yds   /roll
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010015 PVC Black foil  paper 1 roll 3.15"X131yds   /roll
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
010012 PVC Blue foil  paper 1 roll 3.15"X131yds   /roll



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