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021192:4 Heads Pneumatic Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine For Liquid
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4 Heads Pneumatic Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine For Liquid
Quadruplet-Head Liquid Filling Machine is the vacuum-style semi-autimation filling machine, Mainly used for toilet water, perfumers,liquid detergent, such as filling materials, it has a way of measuring the performance level set, ligquid height can be adjusted, the machine structure is compact and reasonable, Simple opeartion ,easu maintenance, Parts and materials in contact with 304 stainless steel.

Applied to glass bottles and after the vacuum is not easy deformation of the plastic bottles filling containers



The product from the rack, filling head, lift pallets, to feed cans, vacuum generator and feed, such as the composition of the trachea

A) Working Principle

First, the feed tube and recovery of possession if all material add the bucket filled with materials, filling the bottle at the mouth, The bottle and move to the position on the board, filling material and mouth bottle with tight seal, Began filling machine, been deprived of because of the air bottle, and bottle is in a state of negatiove pressure, liquid through the feed tube our from the bucket, The first material from the filling moth filling tube (inside tube) poured into the bottle, such as filling to set up a state level, Higher than the vacuum bottle filler mouth(outside the tube) of the straw being sucked out the liquid, return back to feed tank, at this point the state of the bottle is filled. As tge liquid filling to set automatically after the recovery of more than expected, to ensure that the height of liquid bottle filling line, Do not have to consider whether the capacity of the bottle


Technical parameters:
Bottle height: ≤250mm
Maxmum diameter if bottle ≤35mm
Minimum diameter: ≥4.5mm
Adjustable high-level(from the bottle): 15-50mm
Dimensions(not include the resercoir bottle): 660*470*1330mm
To adapt to the ambient temperature: 0-30℃
Ventilation rate: 5.5 liters/sec
Installation and Adjustment

1) The workplace must be well-ventilated, clean environment.

2) In order to ensure a smooth filling operation, the machine shoudl be the location of a solid flat surface, shoud be four-wheel all the way.

3)Filling pallets before landing a high degree of regulation in order to facilitate the operation of the bottle filling.

In the machine to adjust the above-mentioned requirement, you can engage in normal work, The steps are as followed:

1. Access to gas source

2. Air-condition switch, so that air pressure gauge to reach

3. When its work is in the normal state, the system reaches a certain negative pressire, allowed to carry out the filling operation

4. Filling the bottle at the mouth move, Pressed forward nursery school boards, bottle air suction vacuum generators, Material from the feed tube flows through the filling mouth bottle, and so on to set  the surface after filling, higher than the straw bottle of liquid material to be sucked back to feed tank. Can be removed at this time have a good bottle filling, and into the bottle, or bottle and then insert the second(third, fourth) mouth filling. according to the abov-mentioned steps to filling.

5. Byadjusting the positioning the first seal, Liquid height adjustable position.

6. Attention: Reach the surface after filling the bottles should be taken away, will not long stand the bottle on take-off and landing and in the filling state, Reach the surface after filling, filling the mouth of each state shall not work more than 1 minutes. otherwise lead to mechanical failure or damage


1. Material should be no impurities

2. Filling the first open-house should be ,maintained, no impurities plug, Filling the first opening to allow dumping of cleaning, assembly is to be released. gaslet in place(circle).

3. Periodoc inspection of one-way value,Filling and sealing the first seal. damage shoould be found in the relation for.

4.High by the bottle height adjustment lifting pallets, Pallet should be flat, no skew.

5. Workplace must be well ventilated.
Items included:

1 set of 4 Heads Pneumatic Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine For Liquid(021192)
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021192 4 Heads Pneumatic Perfume     Vacuum Filling Machine For Liquid 1 Set


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