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022362:Automatic Garlic Separator Machine(220V,1.5KW,800-1000kg/h)
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  220V Garlic Separating Machine

Fan colors are random

Automatic Garlic separator  machine adopts imitation of hand movements using high standards of pure soft rubber wheel, so that the garlic bulb can be separated effectively. Besides, garlic separator machine can break garlic bulb with different size by adjusting the space of roller. And there is blower in the machine, so garlic skin, garlic  rod and garlic clove can be separated automatically.

1.To get higher efficiency, the voltage of the machine is 220V. Please confirm it before you order.

2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

3. For safety reasons, must be connected to a reliable safety grounding device must have three feet with ground connection.

4.The garlic will be damaged slightly during the whole garlic separating.

5.Keep the garlic dry before put it into the machine.

6.DO NOT  stand at the exit of the machine and DO NOT look inside nearly when the machine is working.


1. Easy to operate and economize on manpower.

2. Easy to clean.

3. High efficiency. 800-1000KG/h.

4. Adjustable up- and-down of the separating system.

5. Stainless steel. Safe and reliable.


Voltage & Power of the machine: 220V/1.5KW

Voltage & Power of fan: 220V/370W

Capacity: 1764-2205 lb/h (800-1000kg/h)

Dimension: 47.64*21.26*35.46 in (121*54*90 cm)

Weight: 340lb (154 kg)

Package Content(022362)
  • A set of  Garlic Separating Machine

  • A set of Cylinder Pipe Fan

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