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023032:Jacketed Kettel 100L 220V 60Hz

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    Jacketed Kettel 100L 26.5Gallon 220V 60HZ 3PH


Voltage: 220V 60HZ 3 PHASE
Motor power: 1.1KW
Volume: 100L 26.5Gallon
Maximum working temperature: Interior <180 degrees; Sandwich <250 degrees
Maximum working pressure: atmospheric pressure 


1 Before using the machine, please check the hot oil level and make sure that has reached the specified oil level.

2 Clean the pot and put the material into the pot.

3 Before starting the machine, please open the exhaust valve.

4 Turn on the gate and close the filling valve. You can let the body of the pot be tilted and discharge the material by tilting the sandwich pot and turning the hand wheel.

Note:Due to the different batches of motors and accessories, the color will change a little.

Schematic diagram of machine general wiring:
Item Included   (023032):
1*Jacketed Kettel 100L 220V 60Hz

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