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028087:Torch Track Burner Portable handle Gas Cutting Machine

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Techtongda Torch Track Burner Portable handle Gas Cutting machine 110V(Contains one track)
Product Overview
This is a new portable gas cutting machine. It will automatically cut steel by using a track to run along. There is a track each approximately 6' in length. It can cut straight or beveled clean edges. This item will ship in two separate packages (one the machine and the other the track). Welding hose to connect to the machine not included.
Product Parameters
Model: CG1-30
Voltage: AC110V 50/60Hz
Automatic Cutting Speed: 1.97"-29.5"/min(50mm-750mm/min)
Thickness of cut steel plate: 0.16"-17.7"(4mm-450mm)[It depends on the type of cutting nozzle]
Cutting Circle Diameter: 7.87"-78.7"(200mm-2000mm)
Cutting torch specifications: Propane:G03#1 *1  
Acetylene:G02#1 *1
Guide rail length: 5.9ft(1.8m)
Machine package size: 26.2"*11.8"*11.0"(66.5cm*30cm*28cm)
Track packing size: 72.0"*11.0"*4.7"(183cm*28cm*12cm)
Machine gross weight: 30lb(13.6kg)
Track gross weight: 8lb(3.6kg)

Note: please contact us if you need other types of cutting nozzle!!!

Cutting Thickness
  Propane Cutting Thickness(unit:mm) Acetylene Cutting Thickness(unit:mm)
  G03#00 4-9 G02#00 5-10
G03#0 5-10 G02#0 10-20
G03#1 10-20 G02#1 20-30
G03#2 20-35 G02#2 30-50
G03#3 35-60 G02#3 50-70
G03#4 60-90 G02#4 70-90
G03#5 90-130 G02#5 90-120
G03#6 130-180 G02#6 120-160
G03#7 180-250 G02#7 160-200
G03#8 250-300 G02#8 200-270
G03#9 300-380 G02#9 270-350
G03#10 380-450 G02#10 350-400
Note:Under normal circumstances, the cutting thickness of 5-100mm can meet the normal demand, more than 100mm on the gas pressure requirements will be improved !!!
Product Features & Advantages
- Adopt thyristor speed control, walk smoothly.
- The fuselage adopts high strength alloy aluminum precision die-casting and durable.
- The Angle of the cutting torch can be adjusted freely.High cutting accuracy.
- With straight cut, can cut I, Y, V groove.
- You can cut steel plates of different thickness by changing the cutting nozzle.
Product Presentation & Details
Item Included(028087)
G1-30 Flame cutting machine *1 Cutting torch * 2 Guide * 1
English instruction manual *1 The power cord * 1 Locator * 1

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