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153090:Dancing Pole

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Dancing Pole

Assembly Instruction

Seek for the training and dancing .

You should get an appropriate site for training,make sure you'll touch nothing when you circumgyrate your body around a imagine pole.At the same time,you can put a chair as the pole or measure a circle in diameter of 3.0-3.5m(118"-138"),which will allow you stretch your arms completely.

Maybe it will be ok for you to train or dance at a smaller site than I said above .But for the begginner,we advice it as a basic site.

Once you get the right site,you should seek the joist of ceiling follow


Pole Height Calculator

The base height of this is 2315-2745mm(91"-108"),if you need more ,using the extensions and the adjustor.If it is not enough for your floor,you should purchase another tube from your local distributor.

The important thing is to make sure the height of the pole in best optimization,and this need the extensions.The safe limit of adjustor is 140mm,you can't calculate the height of adjustor more than 140mm,that why the height for the pole without any extension is 2315-2745mm(91"-108")

This chart details the minimum and maximum heights possible straight from the box.Measure your room height ,and select the closest minimum height to your measurement. Then simply select the extension(s) shown in the chart and assemble.

Pay Attention To

For maximum effective and safety,please review this Owner's Manual.

Item Include

1 set of Dancing Pole  153090


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