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153092:Magnetic Indoor Bike Bicycle Trainer Stand
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Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Regardless of the bad weather outside, this innovative bicycle trainer converts your bike into an indoor cycling fitness machine. The trainer easily clamps down on quick release or bolts onto your bike's rear wheels. It hooks up to just about any bike, including road and mountain bikes with 26", 27", and 700c tires. Fine-tune to your wheel and tire size with the micro-adjust knob. As you pedal, the internal magnet creates resistance (5 levels of resistance). You can change the resistance levels using your handle bars

1. Fits road, mountain and 26" 27" or 700C Wheels. Hooks up to almost any type of bike.
2. The trainer is designed for bikes with quick release rear axle, but will fit most bikes
3. Easy to set-up and use
4. Sturdy frame, for intense workouts
5. Durable & Foldable, easy to store
6. Quiet internal magnetic which creates resistance
7. Quick release skewer


Using Methods

Caution When In Use:

1.Be careful not to touch the spinning rollers and wheels at all times.
2.Keep both hands on handlebars at all times.
3.Make sure all bolts and nuts are securely fastened prior to using.
4.Never brake suddenly while using the trainer,this results in unnecessary wear and tear to rear tire.
5.Keep away from small children.
6.Awalys do warm-up trainning before starting tranning.


Other Details

Item Includes
1 set of Bike Bicycle Trainer Stand   153092

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