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160220:Self-Priming Pump
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Self-Priming Ship Type Pump


Self-priming pump mainly used in farmland,irrigation,watering vegetables.


N    Notes

1   1 .This machine can use 90  , 93  , 97   and other pure gasoline as fuel.


 2.The oil for two stroke gasoline engine choose: 90   93   (or brand) gasoline and special two- stroke gasoline engine oil (mobil two-stroke engine oil).Mix proportion: 50:1(new machine 20  hours by 35:1 plead to use).

 3.It is forbidden to light at high speed!It is forbidden to rapid downtime! Start and stop before no-load speed must be 1 ~ 2 minutes.

 4.Not easy loading start, start immediately after the sprinkler floating on the surface of the water, it is forbidden to place on the land without water for a long time, in order to prevent  burn out water seal.


Item included:(160220)

Self-Priming Ship Type Pump *1



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