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160310:0.9m Air Curtain
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0.9m Air Curtain

  As one of the new top-class products for  modern decoration, air curtain is also matched with the air-conditioner.  And it is installed at the entrances of supermarket, theater, meeting  room, hotel, office room, and storeroom to prevent the dust, mosquito  and warm air, and so on.
Model FM-1209T/Y5G
Voltage H/Z 110
Input power(w) <160
Air Volume (m3/h) 1400
Air Speed (m/s) Hi 11
Low 9


Hi <57
Low <55
Net Weight 10kg/22lbs
Size 90*19*22cm/35.4*7.5*8.7inch
1.Use  the unit at the rated voltage and frequency indicated on the nameplate.
2.Please  cleaning the fitter regularly, to avoid dust clogging reduce the air  speed.
Disconnect  power source before unit servicing.
4.Routine maintenance must be done every year.
5.Never use petrol, benzene, thinners or any other such chemical for  cleaning the unit.
6.Don’t allow water or any liquid to enter the motor.
7.When power supply comes from a socket, the plug must be in accordance  with IEC335-1.When the power cord is connected directly ,all polarity  switches that the contract gap is 3mm at least must installed in the  charging line.
8.In order to avoid injure, must changed the line of air curtain by  professional worker or factory when the line happened trouble.


Item included(160310):
0.9m Air Curtain

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