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160435:110V Paste Liquid Filling Machine 10-300ml with Stand

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110V 300ml Paste  Liquid Filling Machine With Stand

This product is designed for liquids , pasty  fluid , oil , and thin food products. It can help you to fill a mount of  quantitative liquids or pasty fluid.
The filling volume range is between 30ml  - 300ml. And the machine should connect air compressor for working. First  time when you use the machine , you should weigh the weight of output by  adjusting and make sure the volume you want.


1. Voltage: 110V/60Hz
The surface is  stainless steel
3. Pneumatic
Filling volume (ml): 30 - 300
5. Filling accuracy (FS): ±0.5%
6. Production capacity (cycle/min): 1-25
7. Applicable tolerance (m³/min): ≥0.1
8. Exterior sizes:
37.80*14.96*13.78" (96*38*35 cm)

9. Net weight (kg):27kg (65 lb)

10. Applicable pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.9

 1. Air supply treatment
 2. Power socket
 3. Power on/off
 4. Inching/auto option switch
 5. Inching switch jack
 6. Filling volume regulation
hand wheel
 7. Magnetic switch (back)
 8. Fastening screw
 9. Piston
 10. Cartridge
 11. Rotary disk valve
 12. Discharge nozzle
 13. Emergency stop switch
 14. Cartridge cylinder
 15. Rotary disk cylinder
 16. Hopper


Item# Description QTY Unit
160435 110V 300ml Paste Filling  Machine with Stand 1 Set
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