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160535:Fender Reforming Extending Wheel Tool
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Fender Reforming Extending Tool Wheel Arch Roller

For the use of fender repair. fender flares extension, increase the gap. The most effective tools for maintenance and modification. Suitable for most of the cars and light truck. easy to use.


Designed to slowly ease the wheel arch away allowing for larger wheels to be fitted.

Increase tire to wing clearance, flare arches or repair wheel arch collision damage with this professional reforming tool.

It bolts directly to the hub flange, with elongated holes in the adapter plate to fit all popular 4 and 5 bolt hubs.

Adjusts from 14" to 22 3/4".

This is a simple device but we strongly recommend that a qualified body shop technician or a professional carry out the work.

There are no instructions and any damage cause personally or to any part in the use of is not our responsibility.

Too much adjustment will cause damage to the cars paintwork and may result in an expensive repair.

Item Included(160535)

Fender Reformig Extending Tool Wheel Arch Roller?? *1



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