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170035:Model Trimmer
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         Model Trimmer 

This powerful trimmer comes with low noise. Power: 500w, rotation speed: 2800rpm, power supply: 110v/60HZ. The machine has two working styles. One is grinding with water with silicon disc which is the standard configuration. The other is grinding without water with diamond disc which is the optional part.

Operation Steps
● Place the machine in a plain place, connect it with water supply.(if grinding without water, no need to connect water supply, only need to connect the dust-collector pipe with dust-collector)
● Power on, and check whether there is some abnormal noise when working without load.
● It can work at three different angles, you can adjust it by adjusting screw(1).
● How to change the disc. Power off, open the front cover (6), disassemble the disc(8) (if not convenient enough , you can also disassemble the water spray tube(13) you can change the disc easily in this way.
● When duty off, clear up the dust pipe timely.

Voltage Power Rotational Speed Size Weight
110v/60HZ 500w 2800rpm 17*14*14in (44*35*35cm) 44lbs(20kg)

Item Included(170035)
A machine and accessories

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