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170770:Pearl Holing Machine
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 110V Pearl Holing Machine

Item Description

*Can be used for accurate holing on such precious stone as pearl,coral,amber and  ornaments components such sa gold,silver and copper.

*This machine is equipped with 9 suits of special collets,which is suitable to  the pearl in round or other special shapes.

*Collet of this machine is made from nylon,which prevents pearl from being  mingled with flower and scar.

*Can make a hole on pearls of various specifications from  Φ3-Φ25mm(Φ0.12-Φ0.98in) (including fresh water pearl,seawater pearl,South Sea  pearl,Daxidi black pearl,shell,coral and amber).

*Comes with Φ0.5-Φ1.2mm(Φ0.02-Φ0.05in) special tungsten-steel drilling needle  for holing pearl.

*Holing depth can be regulated.

*Equipped with 1 grinding needle head,which can grind holing needle at any time.

*There is a dust-falling hole at the bootom of clamping fixture table,which can  enable this holing machine to hole in batch (beacause a great number of pearl  powder will be produced when pearls are holed in batch,working piece inside  clamping fixture table is easily blocked)without cleaning out pearl powder chips  regularly,thus ensuring a long-term normal use of the holing machine.

*Control collet and rotation of pearl by using rotary handle,easy and highly  efficient.

*Small volume,light in weight,beautiful outer appearance,suitable to be used at  any place.

*YDK motor of Japan is small in noise and durable.

*Designed with power-assisted handle device,saving effort and convenient in use.



Power Supply: 110V,60Hz

Rated Power:180W



Item Included(170770)
1×Pearl Holing Machine and accessories

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