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006892:3-4 Color Floor Type Printing Kit A

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3 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Kit 

Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can be used as substrate. Our company provide this 3 color 4 station screen printing package with all stuff needed by a small screen printing workshop. we show buyers skilled operation and application by words and email, achieving integration of technique ,equipment, material and service.

3 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Machine (006433+006298)

Please note this printer do not have a pallet bracket, pallet is fixed on the arm.

Screen clamp could be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.5" (4cm) thickness.


Platen size:45*55cm(18*22inch)

Machine size: 180*180*110cm/70*70*43inch

Net weight:104kg/232lb

Gross weight: 106kg/233lb
Main Features
  • Easy operation: After well installed, connect the power supply and turn on the switch and then it will work automatically.

  • Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust.
  • US, Canada Plug standard
  • Easy assembly. with a few bolts you have a flash that's ready to be put to work.
  • Can be installed with any model of our multiple color screen printing press, such as 1, 2, 4 and 6 color.


  • Input voltage110V
  • Power1600W
  • Baking area reaches 16"x16" (40x40cm).
  • Weight31Lb (14kg) 

Screen Printing Equipments & Materials Kit (006801)

NOTE: All the items related in the following are all well packaged into one box; item number is 006801.

Washout Tank with Water Gun Included

Plate washing is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Premium plate-washing tank of our company is furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, which can make plate washing cleaner and more convenient.

  • Net Weight: 15Lb (7kg)
  • Internal dimension: 26"X20"X15" (66X50X37cm)
  • Shipping Volume: 31"X24"X17" (78X61X45cm)

UV Exposure Unit Kit

Screen plate making is one of the most important procedures for doing screen printing business.
This kit is specially designed for making screen printing plate. With this very low cost kit, you can easily make your own screen printing plate or doing screen plate processing business without buying other equipments or materials except for the computer and printer. It's easy operated, which will be your best choice!


110V Exposure Unit, Timer ,Rubber Subplate, Glass & Sucker:
to guarantee a better exposing effect

1 Photosensitive Emulsion & 1 14" Emulsion Scoop Coater




24 pcs transparency film & 100ml Blackening Agent:
blacken printed graphics to guarantee a better exposing effect



4 16"x20" Frame with 120 mesh count &
1 Aluminum Foil Tape

Printing & After-printed Screen Processing Kit



500g Pallet Adhesive &
1 Pallet Adhesive Scraper


8 bottles Plastisol Inks
(black, white, green, red, yellow, blue)

4 Spatulas &
4 sheets Clean Up Card


4 pcs 13" squeegeess

2 pc T-shirts
for printing test

100g Emulsion Remover Powder

Ghost Cream

All Mesh
Prep Degreaser

Items included:

1) 1 4-4 Screen Press with Fixed Pallet  (006433)

2) 1 110V 1600w General Flash Dryer for All Screen Printing Press (006298)
3) 1 set of screen printing equipments & materials kit (006801), which includes the following items:

1) 1 set of Washout Tank
2) 1 set of UV Exposure Unit Kit, with glass & sucker, rubber subplate included
3) 1 set of photosensitive emulsion
4) 1 pc of 14" Emulsion Scoop Coater
5) 20 sheets of A4 Transparency Film
6) 1 bottle of Graphics Blackening Agents
7) 4 16"x20" Screen Frame with 120 Mesh Count
8) 1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape
9) 1 bottle of Pallet Adhesive
10) 1 pc of Pallet Adhesive Scraper
11) 4 pcs of Spatulas
12) 4 sheets of Clean Up Card
13) 4 pcs of 13" Squeegees
14) 1 bottle of Emulsion Remover Powder
15) 1 bottle of Ghost Cream
16) 1 bottle of All Mesh Prep Degreaser
17) 2 pcs of T-shirts
18) 1 bottle of Red Plastisol Ink
19) 1 bottle of Yellow Plastisol Ink
20) 1 bottle of Blue Plastisol Ink
21) 1 bottle of Green Plastisol Ink
22) 1 bottle of Black Plastisol Ink
23) 1 bottle of White Plastisol Ink



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